Month: July 2019

Ultra-high resolution 3D printing system: The uFAB-3D printer!

µFAB-3D is a ultra-high resolution 3D-printing system, based on two-photon polymerization direct laser writing technology. With a minimal feature size down to 0.2microns-wide, µFAB-3D opens new perspectives in microfluidics, micro-optics, cells culture, micro-robotics or meta-materials.

The printer is compatible with a wide range of materials which enables it to be used in many different areas. For more informations visit the company’s website:

We are currently using this technology to create self-assembling 3D micro-objects and to 3D print dermal-epidermal junction model compatible with a reconstructed skin culture (See pictures below).

MIT Grand Hack, Paris

Over the three proposed themes – Oncology, Mental Health and Public Health – two of them chose the Mental Health track and presented T4, a revolutionary software aiming to improve communication for people suffering from a neurological trauma with their surrounding, while the five others chose the Oncology track. Within this track, one formed a team with other participants to work on DOConnect, an online platform that assists tumor boards with better suggestions for patients using power of AI and patient data points. Finally, the four others built a team together to develop Comf’Hair, the innovative accessory to reduce the psychological impacts associated to chemotherapy. We are glad to announce that this very last team won the Deeptech Prize and will enter a four-month program in order to develop their project!