The Microlight 3D micro-printing machine is the solution for needs in ultra-high precision 3D printing !

This 3D microfabrication system is suitable for use in many environments.
Fixed on an existing microscope or self-contained, researchers and engineers will benefit from its ultra-high compacity.

The Microlight 3D machines use the two-photon polymerization technology (TPP) to create their 3D structures.

Based on the non-linear two-photon absorption phenomenon, our technology creates a solid 3D-printed structure from a photoactivable material.

Two photons can be absorbed simultaneously by the photo-activated-monomer in the very small volume called “voxel” at the focal point of our pulsed-laser (image above). A chemical reaction starts, and the liquid monomer becomes a solid polymer inside the voxel.

With the right combination of optical elements and monomer-material, the voxel diameter may be as small as 0.1 µm ! That is why our technology is perfectly adapted for ultra-high resolution 3D printing.

Ultra-hight resolution 3D printing with hydrogel