The ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF) process and the freeformer very specifically as an open system. The manufacturing process can be custom configured to meet individual requirements by adjusting slicing, droplet size and process control to influence the layer-by-layer build process.


  • High-end control with multi touch screen in industrial PC technology
  • Intuitive user interface and automated slicing software for data processing including remotely away from the freeformer
  • Use of original materials, e.g. with regard to ageing resistance or FDA approval, no expensive special materials
  • Processing of specific material compounds
  • Combination of materials and colours – including resilient hard/soft combinations, efficient use of materials
  • Process without emissions or residues – no active extraction required
  • High part quality – part optimisation based on the tiniest droplets
  • Water-soluble support materials can be used
  • Advice from experienced ARBURG application specialists and support from a professional and dense service network