#1 Post-doctoral fellow in biology/bioprinting/bioprocess

With knowledge in cell biology and bioprocess, interested in working on tissue engineering in a new type of bioreactor (FUGU)

Profile and application information

FUGU (Flexible Unique Generator Unit) bioreactor is hosting 3D bioprinting tools together with fluid handling system. The goal of the fellowship is the explore tissue engineering in this bioreactor through the implementation of morphogenesis mechanisms.

The candidate will have 18 months to develop a tissue engineering and culture strategy in this novel system, targeting functional human tissue reconstruction.


The environment in which the post-doctoral fellow will evolve is a dynamic academic research laboratory (3d.FAB), whose premises are hosted within the AXEL ONE Campus structure at Villeurbanne. The team is currently composed of 20 researchers (masters, PhDs, post-docs, engineers, researchers).

The platform have expertise and facilities in the following areas:

•    Additive manufacturing for life science, material properties and rheology.

•    Regenerative medicine through dedicated living cells and tissues printers.

•    Simulation to create optimal liquid flow inside the 3D printed tissues.

•    Bioprocess for the production of active molecules, connective tissue maturation and vascularization.

•    4 Level-2 biofabrication laboratories equipped with state of the art bioprinters and bioreactors.

•    Multiple bioreactors for tissue engineering and bioproduction.

•    More than 40 cell banks of primary and stem human cells.

•    Low field MRI bench top system for tissue observation and monitoring.

The project will be positioned within the global 3d.FAB framework for the biofabrication, culture and maturation of large human tissues, for regenerative medicine.


The post-doctoral fellow will:

  • Explore FUGU bioreactor capacities and possibly design and prototype new concepts.
  • Study the tissue bioprinting and maturation in the FUGU.
  • Decipher the bioprocess critical steps and parameters leading to controlled morphogenesis.
  • Animate the FUGU bioreactor topic within the team.
  • Communicate at an international level the results and build collaborations.

Expected candidate profile: PhD with a strong knowledge in biology will be the best including bioproduction. Experience in 3D bioprinting and quality management will be an asset.

Location: The activities will be located in ICBMS (UMR 5246) and in the innovative 3d.FAB platform: Axel’One Campus (University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Villeurbanne, France)

Degree: PhDStart: as soon as possible in 2024
Type of contract: Fixed-term contractDuration: 18 months
End date of application: According to recruitment 

How to apply: Send CV and cover letter to christophe.marquette@univ-lyon1.fr

#2 Post-doctoral fellow in Material Science and rheology

Deciphering the dynamic molding technology by a rheological approach.

About the common laboratory: We offer a 18-month postdoc position (renewable) starting as soon as possible, for deciphering the Dynamic Molding technology. This project is part of a joint researcher activity involving one academic laboratory (ICBMS3d.FAB) which is one of the top world laboratory in additive manufacturing and one industrial company (3Deus Dynamics).

Scientific context: Dynamic Molding is a brand-new Zero gravity and Freeform additive manufacturing technology that is revolutionizing the production of organic and inorganic 3D objects. The deep understanding of this Freeform 3D printing technology is the key to produce innovative designs and materials.

Discovered on the 3d.FAB platform and developed by the 3Deus Dynamics Company, the creation of a joint laboratory will allow them to better understand the success of the Dynamic Molding technology. Research works will meet non-Newtonian and granular rheology, then the structure-properties relationships of printed object.

Education requirements & skills: The successful candidate will have a PhD in material sciences and a high experience in experimental rheology in fluid and granular systems.

The candidate is expected to be an enthusiastic and self-motivated person with strong intellect who is able to take a creative approach to scientific tasks.

The candidate should have the skills necessary to be an independent researcher. The abilities to lead and a communicative are strong advantages. Fluent English language is required for this position.

Location: The research activities will be based in the ICBMS laboratory and its 3d.FAB platform hosted in Axel’One Campus, 5 Avenue Gaston Berger, 69100, Villeurbanne, France.

Salary: 2100€-2800€ neat/month, according to experience.

How to apply: Send your resume and cover letter to Edwin-Joffrey Courtial (Research engineer, CNRS): edwin.courtial@univ-lyon1.fr and Christophe Marquette (Research director, CNRS): christophe.marquette@univ-lyon1.fr.