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[New position] Internship Technicien Fabrication Additive

3d.FAB platform in collaboration with the #startup 3Deus Dynamics, is hiring an intern.

For more information, please contact

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New brand publications!

The publication “Integrated graphene quantum dot decorated functionalized nanosheet biosensor for mycotoxin detection” is available in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry.

The publication “Gold nanobipyramids integrated ultrasensitive optical and electrochemical biosensor for Aflatoxin B1 detection” is now available in Elsevier.

These works were carried out in collaboration with Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research and National Physical Laboratory

Monitioring of 3D printed tissue metabolism in a perfused bioreactor by RAMAN spectroscopy

This bioprocess was developed by our team to cultivate 3D bioprinted tissue in a small scale perfused bioreactor.

Such system allows enables the monitoring and regulation of pH, temperature and dissolved oxygen partial pressure.

A new RAMAN probe from KAISER-ENDRESS company (RXN2) was recently graciously lend to 3d.FAB in order to reach on-line monitoring of tissue cell metabolism.

New brand communication

The publication about our software FingerMap used for the prediction of soft material 3D objects printability is now available in Progress in Additive Manufacturing. A great challenge allowing the progress in Liquid Deposition Modelling technique.
Congratulations to Alix LOPEZChristophe Marquette and Edwin-Joffrey COURTIAL for this work!

Science is international !

Welcome to Aitor Tejo-Otero from CIM UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) who is carrying out a 3 month exchange program within the 3d.FAB platform for his PhD.
His work is focused on the mimicking of soft living tissues using silicones and hydrogels for manufacturing 3D printed surgical planning prototypes in order to improve the skills of #surgeons.

S3martMed – European Cluster Collaboration Platform

3d.FAB platform is participating today in the #S3martMed event with a conference on #3Dprinting#bioprinting and #medicaldevices, by Edwin-Joffrey COURTIAL.
A great opportunity for medical technologies companies and RTOs to meet with future European partners.

Lyonbiopôle #lifesciences

Multi-biomaterial printer for vascular tissue bioprinting!

This new equipment designed with our partner TOBECA, allows the printing of three different bioinks in the same object!

A major advance for the vascular tissue engineering, now allowing us to bioprint the three different layers of a blood vessel.

Development of an analytical tool!

Congratulations to Hema Bhardwaj, Gajjala Suman and Christophe Marquette for this new scientific publication focus on the fabrication of surface plasmon resonance innovative biosensor using noble metal nanoparticles for Aflatoxin B1 detection.

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Save the date: June 25 2020, S3MARTMED VIRTUAL BROKERAGE EVENT

Don’t forget to register for the S3martMed event organized by Lyonbiopôle. The 3d.FAB platform is partner and keynote speaker.

The objective of S3marMed is to set up joint activities and events for the emergence of interregional business / technological collaborations in the medical technologies with a specific attention on SMEs’ growth.

More information and free registration here.

! Take part in the FlowTips Adventure !

You work in bioprinting ? you are academic ? FlowTips is for you.

Together, let’s develop a unique predictive tool for cells viability in bioprinting.

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