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New brand communication

The publication about our software FingerMap used for the prediction of soft material 3D objects printability is now available in Progress in Additive Manufacturing. A great challenge allowing the progress in Liquid Deposition Modelling technique.
Congratulations to Alix LOPEZChristophe Marquette and Edwin-Joffrey COURTIAL for this work!

Science is international !

Welcome to Aitor Tejo-Otero from CIM UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) who is carrying out a 3 month exchange program within the 3d.FAB platform for his PhD.
His work is focused on the mimicking of soft living tissues using silicones and hydrogels for manufacturing 3D printed surgical planning prototypes in order to improve the skills of #surgeons.

Multi-biomaterial printer for vascular tissue bioprinting!

This new equipment designed with our partner TOBECA, allows the printing of three different bioinks in the same object!

A major advance for the vascular tissue engineering, now allowing us to bioprint the three different layers of a blood vessel.