LabSkin Creations: Overview.

LabSkin Creations: Overview.

As part of our collaboration, here is a brief overview of LabSkin Creations :

LabSkin Creations is a service company whose main mission is to test the effectiveness of ingredients and cosmetics on models of reconstructed skins custom made.


LabSkin Creations offers three sequential steps:

1. The design and design of the reconstructed skin model customized to the customer’s specifications and tailored to the interests of tested products. The 3D Skin Designer ®.

2. The production and implementation of the model of reconstructed skin in order with recurring application / products provided by the customer. The 3D Skin ® Factory.

3. Observance of the overall effect using histological staining helps guide further research and exploration to understand the asset mechanism of action: 3D Skin Scanner®.
Two types of approaches are available to the client to continue the analysis: i) A study with approach tissue of skin markers by immuno-detection and quantitative analysis by image processing ii) A molecular approach to study modulation by the active ingredient in the expression of genes and / or proteins of interest in the reconstructed skin either by genomic or proteomic analysis.


A scientific report comes with the evidence of the effectiveness of the product illustrated and quantified describing the protocol, summarizing and analyzing all the results, providing all generated images and videos and quantitative analyzes associated.

This service is primarily intended for dermo-cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical commercializing finished products, raw materials and other ingredients.


Contact : Mme Amélie THEPOT.

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