The 3d.FAB platform is proud to announce his new partnership with Rheolution

Rheolution is a Canadian society specialized in viscoelastic characterization of (bio)materials, using a non-destrutive, contactless and cost-effective method. Starting in September 2018, the ElastoSensTM Bio² mechanical tester ( will be at 3d.FAB in order to understand the rheological properties progression of 3d printed (bio)objects. An exclusive opportunity for our network to test the capability of ElastoSensTM Bio² to take on their challenges.


Rheolution website:


For more information, please contact Edwin-Joffrey Courtial.

UCBL-3d.FAB is a partner on a Future Emerging Technologies (FET) Flagship proposal focused on “Personalised Health Care”

The Personalised Health Care Initiative is a large-scale scientific and technological proposal that will address the grand challenge of developing regenerative, precision and personalised medicine to improve the quality of life of billions of patients worldwide.

The proposal is coordinated by the University of Minho, and is supported by a Steering Committee of 15 members, including UCBL-3d.FAB representing academia and industry leaders from across Europe. It is also supported by a large number of organisations, including over 140 academia and health institutes, 40 research institutes, 95 industry and associations and 25 regional and national authorities.

Through a multi-actor and multi-disciplinary approach, the initiative will focus on the development of targeted and specific therapies for diseases that have an impact on society and the patient, the development of new technologies, and preventive and predictive tools.

FET Flagships are one of the most prestigious, highly-funded, strongest and game-changing instruments of EU research. They will involve a total budget of about €1 billion including EU and public and private funding.

For more information and to show your support, please visit the Personalised Health Care Initiative website here.

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