Medtech4 Europe

The 3d.FAB platform participated last week in Medtech4 Europe project and in a regulatory affairs training in the wonderful city of Copenhagen. An interesting vision about the collaboration between students, researchers, start-ups and hospitals.

Thanks to Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region for this opportunity.

The Pandorum Technologies at 3d.FAB!

Today we are visited by The Pandorum Technologies with the presence of Dr. Tuhin Bhowmick (co-founder, director) and Dr. Florent Gerbaud (exec. MBA).
To visit their website:

« GDR mécanique des matériaux et fluides biologiques », December 11-13, Marseille

3d.FAB team will be present at “GDR mécabio & Réparer l’humain” with two talks on bioprinting for regenerative medicine and cells mortality prediction.

Event link:

JRS2019 : Journées Robotique Souple – Lille

3d.FAB participated to the SoftRobotics journey for presenting its 3d printing activities. Focus on the deposition of soft materials (silicones, hydrogels) using the LDM and FRESH methods and the possible applications with processing soft electronic devices.

3D Printing for Implantable Medical Devices: From Surgical Reconstruction to Tissue/Organ Regeneration

We are editing this special issue !

You can submit your abstract or manuscript by clicking on this link: