Convergence between science, philosophy, literature and science fiction. Our collective, supported by CNRS and Vanessa CUSIMANO is inviting […]
La prochaine révolution biomédicale est liée à la fabrication additive 3D peropératoire (in situ) de tissu vivant.Dans leur […]
New collaborative effort between 3d.FAB platform, laboratoire_mateis, Eurofins and LEHNA now out in Molecular Ecology Resources ! 🧬🐟
This month’s issue features an article about recent advances in the fied of skin graft, including […]
New 3d.FAB platform publication led by Edwin-Joffrey COURTIAL, Arthur Colly and Christophe Marquette in Additive Manufacturing, highlighting the fundamental scientific concepts behind 3Deus Dynamics ’ […]
Friends, colleagues, contacts and all others, the 3d.FAB ACADEMY is coming back, after its first cancellation […]
La rencontre de la biologie cellulaire, de la littérature et de la musique contemporaine. Dans le […]
When SARTORIUS STEDIM, one of the world leader in Bioprocess supply and applications joint force with […]
What is bioprinting and could it be used in the future for organ transplants? Christophe Marquette, Director of #Research (CNRS – […]