At 3d.Fab, we understand the challenges of maintaining sterility during the 3D bioprinting process and subsequent […]
New publication co-authored by Christophe Marquette and Edwin-Joffrey COURTIAL from 3d.FAB platform, detailing the prototyping of a hand model using various […]
New publication from 3d.FAB platform, led by Imen HALIMA, Mehdi MALEKI, Gabriel Frossard, Céline Thomann, and Edwin-Joffrey COURTIAL is now available in Machine […]
This week, Laura Chastagnier from the 3d.FAB platform will defend her PhD thesis titled “Exploring the potential of 3D bioprinted […]
👩‍🔬 As last year, 3dFAB participates again in the “Visites Insolites”, when we open the doors […]
As you know, the 3d.FAB platform is one of the 5 European Space Agency – ESA platforms for ground-based 3D […]
Because scientific research needs sometimes to be demystified and feedback from the non-scientific community is important, Christophe […]
It’s Japan time at the 3d.FAB platform with two fellowship awards from the Japan Society for Promotion of […]
The writer and poet Jean-Baptiste CABAUD and the 3d.FAB platform with Christophe Marquette and Lucas Lemarié merged their know-how to generate… 3D […]